Sunday, May 20, 2012

Remembering my mom

I haven'tnbeen writing as often lately. The death of my friend Ro really bothered me. I have been less social. My mom died this week. She had been sick for five years. Lung disease is a terrible way to die.

Mom was creative, funny,mand witty. She was a bad driver and an awful cook -- but she was never boring. She loved to write and draw. She had an avid interest in Celtic mythology. She was probably a witch in a prior life (and maybe in this one too). She was a unique, special, and warm individual. She had the blackest of gallows humor. She never let bad things get her down even when she was sick.

My coven held a memorial service for her last night and it was quite lovely and dignified. My friend Doris drove up from South Carolina for emotional support and for the memorial. I am grateful.

I hope mom has peace and regeneration in the Summerlands.