Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Ritual!


Despite the fact that my spouse has been involved in Wicca for less than two years, I have to say that he REALLY knows how to craft and lead a ritual. This past Friday was the Ostara Rite for Turning Circle. Doug managed to create a ritual that had elements of Wicca and the Unitarian Univeralist’s “Flower Communion” ritual. It was very life-affirming.

I am really glad that we are part of Turning Circle. When I joined 3.5 years ago, there were five or six full members and two or three irregulars coming to each service. Now we have twelve full members and another 9-12 irregulars. For Ostara, we had 21 people show up! And people are starting to bring their kids. I think this is great. It really does seem like Turning Circle is becoming a mainstream religious organization and not a mere curiosity.

Doug also did a rune divination for everyone. It was pretty neat. I’m really happy that Doug found a religion that he is happy with. He was quite unhappy with Christianity and Buddhism sort of left him cold. But Wicca really does seem to work for him.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First flowers

I'm happy to say that the flowers seem to be blooming at last! This weekend was a lot better than last weekend. First, I wasn't sick. The weather was a heck of a lot better. Daylight savings time started today too, which means that it will still be light out when I get off work.

I did almost ten miles of power-walking this weekend. Exercise is great for combating depression and tension. Most of the trees are still bare, bit I did see a few that were starting to sprout new leaves. I saw some blue and yellow flowers that apparently bloomed in the past two weeks.

Doug is officiating for Ostara Sabbat on the 19th. That will be pretty cool. This will be his first time leading a service for that holiday.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feeling Unwell

This is not the best weekend ever. I'm still waiting for the insurance check to come so that I can get the roof and ceiling fixed. The temporary patch is leaking. It's not leaking a *lot*, but I am not happy about dragging the buckets out again. In theory, the insurance check should come this week sometime. The sooner the better.

From a metaphysical standpoint, I blew it on Friday. I was doing a healing ritual and I didn't ground correctly afterward. The result is that I was physically wiped out on Saturday. This morning (Sunday) I woke up with a cold. Good one! :(

I also find myself angry and disappointed with my sister. She abandoned my mom on Christmas Eve to sneak off to Tennessee. I suppose she found some new victim with deep pockets. She has, thus far, declared bankruptcy twice, has had two marriages go belly-up from massively conspicuous infidelity, and also drained every penny out of every husband/lover she's ever had. She also stole from my grandmother when she was still alive.

But, last summer, she *swore* she had changed her ways and moved up to Pennsylvania to help take care of mom. And she did. For a while. Then she started sleeping around with anyone with a zipper. Then she moved away on Christmas Eve with no notice or explanation. I guess she figured out that mom is destitute and that caring for someone desperately ill takes a lot of effort.

My brother does the best he can but he is an hour away from mom. I live four hours away and can't do a whole lot.

So... This isn't too good this weekend. I feel sick. I am sad that I can't do a lot to help mom (I'm almost as broke as she is and I'm four hours away.) The weather was so dark today that the street lights stayed lot all day. :(